The Sydney Walk That Offers Million Dollar Views Nobody Really Knows About

If you’re a Sydneysider you’ll never be short of incredible coastal walking tracks. Most often though, these walking tracks are packed with people and not exactly the peaceful oasis you’ve been dreaming of. So just forget the Bondi to Coogee walk for a hawt minute and try something new.

This particular walk/run – whatever floats your boat – is a bloody steep one if you plan on starting from the bottom of Hardy Street right near Shuk. I’ve mapped my journey below and marked some points of interests which offer MILLION DOLLAR VIEWS OF SYDNEY, I tell ya.

Following a map is not rocket science so I’m gonna keep this article short and sweet (for once) today hehe.



You’ll see this the steeper you get up Hardy Street
Dudley Page Reserve Park
Dudley Page Reserve Park

Ok so once you reach this park and do your thang (great picnic spot fyi) you’ll need to go and find Lancaster street. Silly me forgot to take a picture but once you get to the end of the street you’ll see a white picket fence kinda vibe. From afar it’ll look like it goes no-where, but there’s a lil’ gate – and now you can shut up and thank me later because this magical view awaits…

You can see the North Head, Manly from this point

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