My Winter Wonderland In Lapland

Lapland is a winter wonderland that will put you under a spell almost instantly. People from all over the world flock to Finland to make their way to Lapland for the very reasons that have put it on the map; home of Santa Claus, Northern lights, reindeers and fairytale-like wilderness with snow forming the majority of its magical scenery.

And this wintery Christmas, I was lucky enough to make my way to the Arctic circle.




As an Aussie gal who has never experienced -15 degrees before, I was completely lost at what I needed to pack for this kind of weather. My word of advice: buy fu*king thermals, lots of socks and ski pants. Basically, layer up.


If you have more than three days and a little tight on budget, there is an overnight train that will take you from Helsinki to Lapland. It’s known as the Santa Claus Express train and won’t break the bank. 


We stayed at the popular Arctic Treehouse hotel in Rovaniemi which, hands down, could be the most luxurious hotel I’ve ever stayed in. It’s located in the heart of the Arctic nature, offering panoramic views from large windows – all to be admired from the comfort of your bed. It was a magical spectacle as I sipped on tea and scribbled into my journal. I vouch for the fact Scandinavian’s have well and truly mastered the art of design and architecture.


Arctic Treehouse Hotel

Outdoor activities in Lapland are also plentiful and costs a ridiculous amount of money. We opted to do all three recommended activities; Snowmobiles, Husky Safari, and reindeer sledding followed by a visit to Santa Claus village. The main attraction in this village is the post office, where letters from all around the world are sent by children and kept.

Another thing you should take note of is that in winter, the sun (if you can call it that) goes down around 2:30-3pm, if not earlier.

Snapseed 5

santa claus village in Lapland
Santa claus village – Lapland
Santa claus main post office - Lapland
Santa Claus Main Post Office




Now although there was no visible sign of seeing the Northern Lights, I’m sure, i’ll get my chance sooner rather than later.

Snapseed 7


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