Modern age dating: Are we all afraid of commitment yet afraid of being alone?

I once started a journal titled “The Art Of Relationships” which was created as a result of my genuine intrigue in relationships and people. It hopes to explore the human condition, relationships (with ourselves, others, dating apps, technology, friends, family and colleagues etc). What are the secrets to a good relationship? What are the flaws of the human condition? Why do we love so freely and let go so quickly? How can we practice more self-love?

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Feeling the creative juices today ✨ I started this book late last year wanting to explore #moderndating, (cough, #Tinder), sex and #relationships in general. – I'm 26 and I have never been in a serious relationship, but my real intrigue is in people. My documentation will explore human condition, relationships (with yourself, others, friends, family, colleagues and what not). What is the secret to a good relationship? What are the flaws of human condition? Why do we 'settle'? Why do we do the things we do to each other and how can we we love ourselves a lil' more day by day? Excited to share not only my stories, but the stories of others! ❤️ • • • #writersofinstagram #selflove #love #gltlove #dating #myramblings #wildlingwriters #wearewildlings #journaling #documenting #socialexperiment #loveyourself #girls

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I’m a 27-year old gal who has never been in a long-term relationship. I’m a natural networker, a social butterfly, a go-getter, and a regular traveller but I can’t say I’ve found ‘my person.’

But to be quite frank I’ve met many interesting souls around the world. I’d go far enough to say I was even in love once. But such is life and such is timing. You can have chemistry, deep infatuation, and hopeful thoughts, but if the timing isn’t right, you’re basically fucked.

In a society that continues to spoon-feed us with an overwhelming amount of choice, the modern dating scene is no different. Technology has redefined everything as we know it. Apps like Tinder, Bumble and Happn have changed the game. We’ve all become disposable. Just the other day, a girl said to me, “I’ve never had a date without Tinder, I wouldn’t even know how you’d go about meeting someone without it.”

How many swipes does it take to find the one haha? Or are we all disposable as a result of our fingertips? Now I can’t vouch for all when it comes to these notoriously addictive dating apps, but I can speak for myself….

We’re swiping to distract away from our loneliness.

We’re swiping because we’re afraid of commitment to one.

We’re swiping because we need a self-confidence boost.

Or maybe we’re swiping because we believe there’s someone out there for us.

It’s a vicious cycle, this modern dating thing.


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