8 Reasons Why Travelling To New Zealand Ruins You For Life

Why is New Zealand so alluring, inviting, and promising? What’s lurking beneath its deep blue waters that seem to manifest a wave of calmness through our minds, body, and soul?

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Diverse in landscapes, perfect in all four seasons, rich in culture and offers a fresh change of scenery.

  1. The stunning landscapes

It’s everywhere you look. If you’re flying straight into Queenstown, get yourself a window seat as you will have the chance to view the stunning alpines and mountain range that’s virtually untouched.

Image of Queenstown from the plane


2. Lakes for days 

Image of lake in Queenstown
Lake Wakatipu – Queenstown



Lake Hawea
Lake Hawea – Wanaka


Image of the Caitlins in New Zealand
Nugget point – Otaga

3. Adventures ahoy – perfect for thrill seekers 

Bungee Jumping - Nevis in Queenstown
134m Bungee jumping in the Nevis – Queenstown



5. Wine country and ultimate food porn 


6. So. Many. Sheep

Image of sheep in New Zealand

7. Endless streams of waterfalls



8. The perfect backdrop for road trips




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  1. [ Smiles ] New Zealand is a very beautiful place.

    Also, thank you for posting these pictures!

  2. Couldn’t agree more, New Zealand is one of the most Beautiful countries.

    Thanks for sharing Nat.

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