The Next Great Adventure: Why we all need to move abroad (at least once) in our lives

“It’s funny how time flies, I’m just having fun, watching it fly by” – Dr Dre

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. It may take one second, one minute, one month, one year, one decision that suddenly changes the entire course of our lives. Some of us may never even leave the countries we grew up in, but some of us will also take comfort in movement.

Before the age of 8, I had already lived in three different countries. By the age of 21, I had already travelled solo to foreign lands. And in the back of my head growing up and entering my twenties, I feel like I had always known I would move abroad. London was always calling my name. The world was always beckoning for me to take a leap of faith. I guess you could say my need to constantly be moving is natural for me. So when my first full-time job at 23 after University also happened to be my dream job, I was ecstatic and living the high-life for a while. Until it all came crashing down and I was conflicted by my need for change and my drive to continue pursuing my career. I was lost for a great deal of 2016.


My soul was in a state of confusion. “Do I stay and continue existing here in Sydney, or do I go and do something new?” I persevered, travelled in between and saw a few windows of opportunity that shifted my thinking and brought, even more, clarity to my journey.

I guess you could say a series of chance encounters by January 2017 led me to accept a job transfer to move to London.  I ended up having the best summer of my life in Sydney, Australia, all in the space of 2.5 months. It’s funny how quickly your world can change.

But what we never tend to open up about is the ‘why’ behind the ‘escape’. It’s easy to show the world your good times, but we don’t generally talk about our moments of limbo. You know, those thoughts that enter your head and you ask yourself “am I fulfilled in life and is this where I’m meant to be?” I was certainly in limbo over 8 months ago, uncertain if the journey I was on was aligned to my soul.

And although many of us would like to say we 110%  love our jobs, this is so far from the truth. Some jobs don’t necessarily always fulfill us internally. Yes, we signed contracts, but it’s okay to break them if our heart is no longer aligned.

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✨Reflection ✨I've been journaling for over 3 years now as a result of anxiety. Life is fragile and it can be so damn hard at times. It'll take you for a spin, throw some crazy hurdles, but it's how you react and bounce back that makes all the difference. As a coping mechanism, everywhere i go, I carry a journal or take notes. Now, when I'm sad, happy, angry or experienced something significant, I write. I used to hand-write daily (personally) and it dropped over time as I began focusing on my travel writing professionally at Contiki (which has honestly changed my life and opened the door to actually making a career out of this). So, I made some rather radical decisions I thought would help me (which to a degree, has). But after Sri Lanka, a work trip to Malaysia and Thailand with some incredible humans AND one of the best life-coaching lessons I've ever experienced by Catherine Devine, I found clarity and deep understanding of my path. Isn't it funny how the struggles we face, can also be our treasure? Choose your words carefully. What you think you become. What you write, may even help you find clarity in the darkest of times.🌻🙏🏼🌎✨ More of my journey, link in bio. • • • #travelwriter #travelblogger #write #gltlove #travel #dametraveler #doyoutravel #sydneyblogger #wildlingwriters #journaling #life #journal #igquote #igwrite #girlpower #travelblog #thoughtcatalog #travelquote #inspired #mentalhealth #writing #travelstoke #roamingon #lpfanphoto #contikisixtwo #elephantjournal

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A series of events, solo travel and distance allowed me to truly listen to my own heart and mind. The gateway of opportunity opened because I was finally open too. Those seeds we plant deep in our head are manifested for the future. Some will come into fruition and some will simply die, because whatever you do not feed, eventually dies.

So what happens next when our mind says yes? 

Usually, once we are committed to the idea, it doesn’t shift unless something drastically changes. I was committed to making London happen in 2017 no matter what, so the Universe just worked with me in making it happen. I always like to have a fuck off fund tucked away somewhere because you really never know where you’re wanting to plant your next seed – where your next great adventure is. But alas, before the move to London, I was more excited than anything to take on this next adventure.

The leaving part….

Honestly, it was a struggle working full-time, trying to pack your life up, getting your finances in place, and trying to organise where to live from the other side of the world but luckily everything worked out well. But the hardest part about leaving home, are always the people you leave behind. I had a close group of gals that I could count on for anything. I had an incredible family that always supported me no matter what crazy decision I made next.

The month of preparation flew by and before you know it, it’s your last day in what was once your home. Your bags packed in under 30kg’s. Your passport ready for the next stamp. Rituals repeated one last time. Familiarity, suddenly gone in the blink of an eye.

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Well, the day has (finally) come where I say SEE YA L8R STRAYA after the best summer in Sydney, ever. Growing up, I've always had moving to London on my life-bucket-list but it was just never right timing. Even months ago, I wondered if I was making the right decision, but now, as I sit here waiting for my flight, I couldn't be more sure. I couldn't be more excited of this new destination(s), a new opportunity, a new culture, and a new job 😍I feel absolute freedom – like I'm meant to be doing this. Anything really is possible if you're committed to your dreams.✨ Thank you to all those who have entered, touched and changed my life, cash me in London how bow dah? And to the UK – I can't wait to be zee new kid on the block! Adventures, come at me! 🙌🙋🏽🌏 👇👇 (Instagram: (Snapchat: @natasia88) (Ramblings: (Freelancer: #london #sydney #wearewildlings #theworld #travel

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And the next minute, you walk through those gates, looking back once more at the people you’ve left behind knowing that whatever road you’re about to take is where you’re meant to be. There is power in not knowing where you truly belong.

Upon touching down on this new soil, I felt an instant connection to my new home. London was an unwritten chapter in my life just staring at me, hoping to make new memories, friends and stories.

Everything was new; my commute, my circle of friends, my job, my weekends, my way of life. This is why we leave our places of comfort. This is why for some of us, it’s easier to pack our lives in one bag and disappear into the open road. Because if we’re not feeding our soul with new experiences, our energy and lust for life will eventually die.

Have I broken down several times in the space of two months? Yes. Have I felt isolated as fuck wishing I could just run back home to my family and friends? Yes. Do I regret this decision? Not in the slightest.



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