Who needs Tinder? I lost my phone & ended up on an Uber date that cost me $52. #UberDates

So many lolz last night. I lost (left) my phone in a ‘cab’. Obvs, had one way too many wines and thought the most logical thing was to call an Uber(with my work phone) To give you some context to the lengths I went to to find my phone – I had been shooting a global campaign behind the scenes which was ALL captured on my personal phone.

And FYI: I did not actually catch an uber home, but alas, I got in an Uber. I told him we were going on a mission to find my phone. Luckily he was pretty cool. He turned on the app “Find my Iphone” (didn’t realise this shit worked) and we chased the cab driver around (map below of my journey).

Finally, after chasing my iPhone down, the cab driver picks up and we decide to meet at McDonalds. He wanted payment. I said “HELL NO”, but the reality is I that I had forgotten all of my belongings and keycard and my God I was hungry. So my Uber driver bought me a small McChicken meal. We ate it whilst smoking ciggie butts, chattin’ our lives away and listened to Gangsta rap. He then drove me back home and exchanged numbers.

Who needs Tinder when you’ve got Uber? I went on an Uber date that cost me $52, in just one hour without ever realising it. Hey, Uber – I think I could be onto something. 😉 Let’s start a movement…. #UberDates #Best50dollarsIveEverSpent#FindAnUberFindAPhone



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