How writing got me through anxiety three years ago & helped me find my passion

I’ve been trying to comprehend the last few (crazy) months and this weekend I’ve finally made some time to properly and truly reflect. I’ve been journaling for over 3 years now as a result of anxiety. Reflecting back, I was always a big note taker. This is how I digest information. It allows me to encode what I have just written down and articulate my feelings.


Years worth of note-taking and journaling



Anxiety is something as humans we don’t like to admit to. The feeling of worry, nervousness and dread. We are all anxious human beings naturally. It’s normal to be anxious. Life is fucking hard. It’ll take you for a spin and it’ll throw some crazy hurdles, but it’s how you react and bounce back that makes all the difference. There will be moments that test us. There’ll be moments where we just can’t quite work out why the universe is doing this to us.

Three years later, everywhere I go, I carry a journal or take notes. Now, when I’m sad, happy, angry or experienced something significant, I write. I used to hand-write daily (personally) and it dropped over time as I began focusing on my travel writing professionally at Contiki (which has honestly changed my life and opened the door to actually making a career out of this). I have many weathered books, from all over the world. Whenever I travel, I usually also carry a tiny little book where I’d have people that truly touched my life write something in there. Because I’ve realised two of the most important things in life can never be taken back: words and time. Why waste words? Why waste time? Write more. Feel the sadness. Feel the happiness. Scribble your learnings. Open the conversation. Connect. 

I’ve learned many lessons through others. Many discoveries of who I am as a person. Many tales and stories that I would never have remembered, if it wasn’t for the fact it was written. These are some of the entries from my notebook from some special people I have met through my life. I’m very passionate about people. Curious to human condition. When I’m sad, I go back to these and reminded of the goodness in life.

But perception is everything right, and no matter what images, my job or social media presents, internally I struggled with some crazy emotions. So, I made some rather radical decisions I thought would help me (which to a degree, has). But after Sri Lanka, a work trip to Malaysia and Thailand with some incredible humans AND one of the best life-coaching lessons I’ve ever experienced by Catherine Devine, I found clarity and deep understanding of my path.

After three hours listening to her, I learned some rather valuable lessons:

  • If you don’t reflect and review – where are you actually heading?
  • Where you stumble, you will find your treasure
  • You are only as powerful as the relationships you build, the greater they are, the more pull-power you have
  • Whatever you don’t feed, dies eventually
  • People matter. People crave recognition. Relationships die because they don’t think they matter to each other
  • It takes time to reach your goals, don’t rush things. Instead, find the right things to do, and master it

I could go on all day or leave it for another article but I’ve never felt so inspired or empowered. I felt a shift in energy or some kind of spiritual awakening. A settledness I suddenly felt where clarity just took over.

And somehow, just somehow it aligns with my personal mission I started one year ago. There is power in words and your beliefs. What you think you become. What you write, may even help you find clarity in the darkest of times.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

For the first time in a very long time, I’m finding things inspiring again.

And most importantly  #dontquityourdayjob if you’ve got something special going.

Don’t quit if you’re in a bad patch.

Don’t quit if you’re anxious or depressed.

Don’t give up on your goals because they seem ‘unattainable’.

Don’t sell your soul to someone who doesn’t deserve it

Don’t ever stop working on your identity

And finally, believe in the universe, because it’s always giving us signs – but are you really listening? 🌻🙏🏼🌎✨




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