F*ck Adulthood: I can feel something greater calling out my name…

Note to 26-year old self:

If this is adulthood, I would like to politely withdraw. Everyone’s obsessed with crafting a picture-perfect life but the truth is – in my world – adulthood is kinda overrated.

Hear me out here…

I can’t shy away from the fact I feel that something greater out there is calling my name.

I’ve watched countless engagements pop up on my feed, babies enter lives, people buying property, planning weddings and job promotions here and there. But I’m tired of pretending I want any of that. Not right now at least.

This concept of adulthood, it’s strange. I strongly feel the pull of travel calling me back. I’m ready for the strange, isolating, weird and wonderful. I’m ready for life to feel illuminating again. I’m ready for a change of scenery.

Because the daily grind and the repetitive day-to-day is killing my vibe. The predictability of 9 to 5 doesn’t align with who I am. Predictability, it’s a deal-breaker.

Not too long ago, I openly let someone know that I was feeling restless. I told her that “When I get restless, I usually end up booking a one-way ticket.” To which she replied, “It’s just your way of escaping.”

As an avid traveller, this term, ‘escaping’ isn’t foreign to me. And the truth is, I won’t deny that it’s not 100% true. To a degree, yes. But exercise this word with caution. Escapism, to me, means many different things. It’s a willingness to pursue personal growth. Escapism is a healthy disregard for the status quo. It’s my way of welcoming the new and unfamiliar.

It is our choice to leave the comfortable behind as we continue to seek the life that truly makes us feel alive. How easy would it be for us all if we could just stay put? Remain unchanged in everyday life, to the jobs that made us feel 70% happy? Stay in mediocre relationships, because we’re too afraid of being alone. I want a colourful life. I want to inject as much fun, creativity, adventures and weirdly wonderful experiences as much as possible.

Isn’t it funny, the life that manifests when you finally make choices that align with your soul? You are a fool to not question your peripheral vision. To only seek more out of life when it is too late. Perhaps it’s time we replace ‘escapism’ with ‘transformation’.

Maybe, I do leave to transform. To alleviate my soul from becoming nothingness. Because adulthood – to me- is becoming too predictable. And if experiences enrich us, why do we hold on to familiarity so strongly?

The truth is, I know I’m not the same person I was a few years ago. We’re constantly changing, moving, discovering and evolving. That’s life.

I can feel the pull of travel calling me back. But it’s not to escape. I’m just politely declining your invitation, adulthood.


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