Why We Should Stop Running To The Finish Line

Let’s face it – what you’re about to read is probably your daily grind. Amirite?

*The alarm goes off.*
*Wake up.*
*Get ready for work.*
*Rush to work.*
*Rush to lunch.*
*Rush conversations.*
*Rush to appointments.*
*Rushed time.*
*Rushed gaze.*
*Rush everything.*

Why are we running so quickly to the finish line?

We’re so consumed by our thoughts, our actions, our selfishness that we simply forget to be. We forget to feel and reach a true state of happiness. Hell, I’m certainly guilty of it. 

It’s everywhere. We sit in buses, glued to our phones completely unaware of who we’re sitting next to. We sit in empty rooms, in silence – as if there’s nothing to talk about. We walk past each other without hello’s or smiles. Why don’t we care anymore? Why do we live in a world so consumed by the idea of ‘something else better out there’. We sit there consumed by our next goal crushing moment, destination or person. We simply forget. We forget why it is we’re running so fast. We forget what it is we’re even running from. We simply forget all the little things in between that brought us to the finish line. Most of us are never fully present in the now. Most of us forget to celebrate the small moments of joy or wins.

And what is this so-called finish line I speak of? The finish line is what we believe is where we need to be. The finish line is a glorification – a means to an end. Or rather, something we believe will be a more important moment than the one we are in right now. 

But the world doesn’t stop once we get to the finish line. It doesn’t. What happens instead is this reflection of what we have missed.

Think about it – our most successful and victorious days were the times we were carefree to the rest of the world. It’s the in-between moments. The journey. And perhaps, if we cared less, if we put less pressure on ourselves and detached from the pull and fast-paced nature of our lives we would be happier, healthier and more ‘successful’ humans.


Reflect on the things you have done in your life and ask yourself if it was really worth it? Did you remember the in-between moments? Was the journey worth the outcome? What did you have to give up in order to get there? Who did you have to give up on in order to let go? This rush towards the finish line is like fire; progressively it gets bigger, more desperate, more uncontrollable, finding everything in its path to add to its fuel until suddenly – it stops and turns into nothingness.

And we are left there again at the finish line. In the dark. Drunk on the idea that being the first one across that line would equate to happiness.

I’m writing this from a place of true reflection. For all the in-between moments I have neglected. For all the finish lines I have crossed and forgotten. For all the times I have ignored the smaller milestones that should have been celebrated. This is why we need to stop running to the finish line.




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  1. Love this post. It’s so raw and honest. I agree everyone is always in a rush–as someone originally from the South, I can’t help but think of that country song’s lyrics, “I’m in a hurry to get things done, I rush and rush until life’s no fun, All I really gotta do is live and die, I’m in a rush and I don’t know why”

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