Why Keeping It Real is The Best Thing For Your Soul.


Keeping it real. “Staying true to yourself, your faith, your life and constantly seeking the truth. You try to benefit the environment and society that surrounds you and eventually serving humanity for the greater good. By keeping it real you are authentic and do not follow the geopolitical or corporate economic norm, but you strive to develop a norm that is centered on peace, truth, and unity.”

 So lately I’ve been thinking… Of all the people that have entered our lives and left. How normal it is.I really admire people who don’t live their life scared of breaking boundaries. I admire people who have pushed through a great deal of adversity and change and remained resilient. I admire people that choose to smile despite the hardships they have faced. I really admire people that aren’t afraid to show the world who they really are. I admire people that keep it real.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. – Kurt Cobain

Life’s too short for it to be mediocre, just like love. We are so insignificant, our egos have no place in this world and we are constantly focused on the wrong things. We’re focused on other people’s lives, that we forget to nurture our own souls. Technically speaking – we’re only here for a little while and when we’re comparing it to the world that has existed for billions of years, a fraction of our time seems pretty insignificant. So why do we choose to be someone we’re not? Why do we choose to hide who we are?

Sometimes people don’t want to hear or see the truth, because they are afraid of the illusion it destroys. I say fuck that illusion. Be true, by being you. When you keep it real, you have nothing to be afraid of. You will attract the right people into your life. You will find a tribe of people, that you will hold close to your heart because they know the real you.

So this post goes out to all the special people in my life that have kept it real for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing better than watching your entire reality shift into the one that is the perfect expression of you. And this goes out to the people who are still searching for the essence of realness – it’s there, somewhere.


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