Why Gili Trawangan is a slice of heaven in Indonesia.

Chasing the sunset.
Chasing the sunset.




Gili Trawangan – An island where the sea is crystal clear, and the sand is almost white. Where the only mode of transportation is to either walk, bicycle, or ride in a horse carriage. An island where police or rules don’t really exist. A place where you can unwind, relax OR party!


  • This island is relatively small, so the main methods of transportation are limited. I would invest in a bicycle if you want to avoid walking! Expect to pay anything between 25,000 – 50,000 depending on the state of the bike, and the season. It is also really fun to attempt to get yourself around the entire island (exhausting with some crappy sandy roads). If you go left from where you get off and keep going, there are some awesome bars for sunset! I highly recommend ‘The Exile’ or ‘Sunset bar’. 

Sunset bar.

  • To save money, indulge in the local food and eat at the local market. Not only is it delicious, it’s also cheap and you can get some of the freshest seafood cooked right in front of you!

Delicious & cheap market food.

  • GO SNORKELLING. They all offer it at the same price of 100,000 and you won’t regret it. One of (the only activity) we did on Gili Trawangan and it was incredible. You see so much underwater life it’s crazy! Expect to see plenty of fish, a shipwreck, coral and turtles (if you’re lucky).
  • Accommodation: Once you get off the pier, you will be surrounded by a sea of men who are thirsty for their commission. They will offer to take you to some bungalows, and cottages. Don’t hesitate to go to check it out! It may seem like a ploy, but they actually know some relatively decent places. If you’re solo and wanting to make new friends, head over to Gili backpackers! However, if there’s a few of you I suggest looking for a sweet bungalow and splitting the costs (you’re bound to meet people anyways) We stayed at Lumbung Cottage 1 which was pretty cheap for what we got…it included a delicious breakfast, air con, huge bed, TV and DVD player, outdoor shower, and terrace. The closer you are to the pool, the better the wi-fi!
  • BE CAREFUL with your drinks. Gili Trawangan has no police, warnings, or reliable medical care/hospital, so if anything goes wrong, it could be dangerous/lethal. In the past, there have been deaths from certain bars from methanol poisoning. It’s quite dangerous as it’s odourless, and colourless, so you will never know if you’ve consumed it. Just be wary of the drinks you’re purchasing…or even better PRE-DRINK so you know what you’re putting in your drinks.

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