The Top 7 Beaches In Sydney

I have never lived so close to a beach in my life before. Ever. Approximately 15 minutes walk to be exact (sometimes longer in extreme heat, but that’s not the point).

Sydney a.k.a STRAYA in my eyes is a city that never escapes me. It’ll always somewhat be home, and you do learn to appreciate this city day in and day out. There’s a reason why thousands of people flock to this notorious city….At first it was hard to understand why? Why is it such a city that lacks in culture, feel so right?

I think it comes down to the beauty of having a city that meets the sea. A place where chaos meets a level of calmness.

We’re surrounded by oceans. Hundreds of them. There’s national parks, mountains, farms, wineries, harbours and well…it’s a wonderful city. It’s sunshine, picnic areas, deep blue oceans, rock-pools and food heaven with plenty of cafes serving you the tastiest brunches since 08′.

But that’s not the point….the point is our beaches. Yes, they may be shark infested, but my god they are beautiful. Here’s the Top 7  I’ve compiled from personal experience and after a lil’ exploration in my new hood.

Tamarama beach

You bloody gem, you. Small? Yes. Peaceful? Yes. Cute? Yes. There’s plenty of rocks to perch yourself on during your coastal stroll. There are also free barbecue spots with grassy areas for you to frolic on.

Tamarama Beach
Tamarama Beach
Tamarama - turning it on.
Tamarama – turning it on.
Coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama
Coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama

Bronte beach

This one’s a personal fave. Why? It’s got a strip of delightful cafes perfect for a mornin’ brunch before your swim. Personally, they all end up tasting the same – so find one that has a table for y’all and you’re good to go.

Bronte has a fresh rock pool perfect for those who don’t want to get thrown around and thrashed by the waves. Opt to sit on the perfectly green and manicured grass just behind the beach whilst reading a book, listening to music or having a bev. Plenty of BBQ areas for you and your mates to chill out on. Or if you’re looking to walk off that Sunday brunch – you should do the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk!

Bronte Beach
Bronte Beach

Milk beach

This one’s a clear winner. When whispers of this beach having ‘one of the best views in Sydney’, I wasn’t convinced. Curiosity got the best of me, and I finally checked it out and my god it’s up there!

If you park your car at the beginning of the route, you’ll be welcomed by a killer walking track with ridiculous harbour views. Start at Hermitage Foreshore Reserve near Bayview Hill road where there’s a little blue house and walk along the path, you’ll find yourself passing through various beaches until you reach Milk beach (15 minutes later) right near Stockland house!

Milk Beach with harbour views
Milk Beach with harbour views

Milkbeachpark Milkbeachtreesunset

Gordon’s bay

Ahh yes Gordon’s. I’ve only ever been here once, but I plan on making many more appearances. This place makes you feel as though you’ve just landed in Europe. This bay had a real ‘Dubrovnik/European’ feel – where everybody sunbathes on a bunch of rocks and then goes for a swim into the cool, calming, clear waters. Lots of people seem to go snorkelling here, or if you’re willing to take it up a notch – bring some floaties and just relax!

Gordon's Bay
Gordon’s Bay


Although i’ve never been here, i’ve heard plenty about it to put it on my list of places to see in NSW. Located on the South Coast of NSW, it’s approximately 50 km from the city and inside a National park. It’s a popular spot for snorkelling, fishing, picnicin’, and waterfall jumping – 7 metres high!


Wattamolla Falls
Wattamolla Falls

Watsons Bay and beach 

Ahh yes. Hit up Watson’s Bay hotel for a daytime session. It’s an absolute killer sunset spot, and you’ll be able to catch a ferry from the port to surrounding areas or back into Circular Quay. There’s also the infamous ‘Doyles on the beach’,  for a taste of Sydney’s finest seafoods.

Watsons Bay
Watsons Bay
Stick around for the sunset at Watsons Bay

Bondi Beach

I wouldn’t feel right, if I didn’t include the notoriously renowned Bondi Beach. Hailed to be the mother of all beaches in Sydney. An oasis for many backpackers, and home to ‘Bondi Rescue’. It really is one of the best. Perhaps not my go to beach, but when I do go – I appreciate the shit out of it.

Head up to the North side of the grassy knoll, and watch the sunset over some drinks. There’s an abundance of cute bars, restaurants and cafes in Bondi (but that’s for another article).

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Bondi Icebergs
Sunset hangs in North Bondi.

Same Same, but different right?


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