How Travel taught me 10 very important lessons one year on.

Do you remember the first time you did something for the first time? How great it felt? How happy it made you? How much your life changed from the pursuit of passion?

On the 8/11/13 I stood at the entrance of Sydney airport, with a one way ticket in my hand, a bag by my side, and a fedora hat on my head. I was debt-free, jobless and finished with uni for good. I remember that moment like it was yesterday…

I feel at home when i’m on the road….So here are 10 lessons that I’ve compiled that i’m sure many of you can relate to.

1. There are no longer comfort zones, only the great unknown.

Comfort zones leave you feeling safe. It bounds you, ties you down, leaves you trapped. That’s why it’s called comfortable. It’s agreeable, and it’s easy. When you leave behind everything you’ve ever known, it seems almost scary. You are faced with the unknown, but you’re okay with that – because you get to see everyday with a fresh set of eyes. Travelling alone is a journey within itself. Being outside of your comfort zone is something every individual should experience sometime in their life!

2. People will come into your life, and it was no coincidence.

I don’t believe in coincidences. Is there such a thing? There are billions of people in this world. Some we may never meet, so the universe is just allowing us to see how many amazing people are out there in the world, and how they fit into your life. They crossed our path for a reason, so take what you want from it.

3. Sometimes getting lost, ends up leading you in the right direction.

Often – we get lost. It’s inevitable. If you never got lost, you wouldn’t know how it feels to be in the right direction. If you never made mistakes, you wouldn’t know better. Getting lost is a part of the process, and often it leads on to be the best decision you made!

4. You see people as they are, not what society wants them to be.

Why should we try impress people by who we are not? One of the greatest parts of  travelling are the people you meet. They let down their walls, and you get to see people as they are. Coming home, i’ve accepted that I can’t just walk into a bar, or any given environment and sit down with a group of randoms – and instantly connect. But that’s okay – it allows you to differentiate between the people you know are real, and the ones who have no future in your life.

5. The best things, and the best adventures happen unexpectedly.

The best memories for me have been the unexpected moments. The moments that came out of no-where, the moments where no plans were set in stone.

6. Energy is contagious. The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are.

The law of attraction. You get what you put out. Energy doesn’t lie. Be yourself and the right people will come into your life.

7. Don’t waste time on shit mediocre people.

Ain’t nobody got the energy for that. I’ve learnt the hard way over many years, and also through travelling. If people show you a side that makes you question their character, take that hunch and run. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with people that suck your energy. Spend your time wisely with the people you love to be around.

8. Timing is everything.

The secret ingredient to everything, is timing. If it wasn’t the right time, it may not have ever happened. And if it doesn’t happen – patience. It always works out. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Whatever will be, will be.

9. If you don’t do wild things, you’ll have no stories to remember forever.

Be wild. Be care free. Party. Lose sleep. Be silly. Be spontaneous and don’t hold back who you are. Everyone sees what you are, but few really experience who you are.

10. If you think what you have in front of you is enough for the rest of your life, look again. 

Don’t settle for ordinary. Fulfil your dreams, whatever they may be.  If you think that what’s in front of you is enough – than great. But if you have any doubt in your mind that it isn’t , question it, let it go, and continue wandering the world until you know. Don’t be that idiot that’s sure of every damn thing about their life.

“What’s important to you, what you care about, what matters – pursue that, forget the rest.”

On the 8/11/14, one year on – sitting on my bed, in a new house, and my unfamiliar room, without a ticket in my hand (for now). I’m in debt, fortunately employed, and still learning a great deal and the past year still feels like it was yesterday. Change is inevitable and in the waves of change, we always find our true direction. Time flies when you’re having fun – make sure to spend it wisely.


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