Luck is risky business.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

I believe  that a persons luck is based on what we put out to the world. What is luck? How does one single handedly define what it means to be lucky?

You could say you are lucky to be alive. True.

Some could say you’re lucky you got that job.

Or that you’re lucky to have travelled far.

But why are we so lucky?

I think the term ‘luck’ is misunderstood. A concept that gets thrown around loosely by many (Including myself)…

Sometimes I think…”Wow, I got lucky!” or “Shit…that’s bad luck”. But then – I think of whats made those significant moments ‘lucky’? and it becomes clearer…

‘Luck’ is all about taking risks, that others may not have. It’s when preparation meets opportunity.

You got lucky because you worked hard through high school and University, to get the results you knew you could achieve.

You got lucky because you’ve felt struggle, failures, loss and found better ways to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

You probably got lucky to travel to many places, because you worked hard since a legal and pubescent age, working nights, weekends, and anything in between school, or college to save money, just so you could go experience the world.

You’re probably lucky to have incredible friends and family that surround you, because you’re prepared to go that extra mile to maintain those relationships.

Was it luck that we received good grades? or got that dream job? No. We were willing to break the rules, even when others doubted you.

We didn’t get lucky by doing nothing.

We didn’t get lucky by letting someone else dictate what we should do in this short life of ours.

We’re lucky to be where we are today, by taking bold, and risky decisions. We got lucky, because of self belief, persistence and lust for our passions, and life.

So the next time someone says, ‘You’re lucky’. Give them a cheeky smile, thank them, but know that YOU made your own luck.

You didn’t just get lucky, you created it.


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