The Best things in life, aren’t things.

They say ‘THAT THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE AREN’T THINGS’. Truth. It’s getting on a plane and booking a one way ticket.
It’s 9 months of travel, to 9 different countries with one backpack, and a lifetime of memories.
It’s to have an endlessly changing horizon, filled with new experiences and wild adventures.
IT’S FOOD, BEER, BEACHES, SUNSETS, and GOOD COMPANY. It’s crazy Chiang Rai crew, Castaways/Hanoi crew, Koh Rong/Siem Reap crew and SURPRISE ‘IDIOT’ Pai crew.
It’s sleepless nights, Khmer whiskey, 7/11, sun, music, laughter, tattoos and hostel life. It’s long bus trips, skin infections and hospital trips.
It’s dignity being long gone, not even nature, hikes, culture and temples could rectify.
It’s getting lost, and stuck in cities. It’s to have no plans, and being carefree.
BUT What’s truly special are the chance encounters with strangers who become life long friends.

THOSE ARE THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE. The good, the bad, and all things sugar and spice.


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