Travel essentials: The ultimate checklist.


Travel Memorabilia
Travel Memorabilia

Find yourself in a state of panic weeks leading up to your big send off? Never fear. I’ll ease those fears.

We all know how daunting the lead up is when you’re going for a long time. What do I need? what clothes? which toiletries? Medicine? First aid kit? AHHHHH. STOP.

Write a list.


  • Put everything important, ONLINE. Unfortunately I have learnt this the hard way, and turns out, having it on a USB is not helpful if you break that USB.
    Store passport documents, resumes, warranties, receipts, work certificates etc scanned, and backed up online to access from all over the world!
  • Your Passport, Visas, tickets and passport photos of yourself for all the future visas to come
  • Travel insurance
  • Medicine (If you are heading to let’s say South East Asia) just buy it all there! It’s half the price honestly.
  • All the vaccinations you need
  • Unblock your phone (sort out your phone bill prior to leaving – rookie error) , so you have the freedom to insert local sims!
  • Girls/Guys: Take a good look at that wardrobe. What do you wear most? What goes with ANYTHING. THOSE will be your biggest assets, and you WILL end up wearing that most of the time. So seriously bring your favourite items, AND comfiest.
  • Micro- fibre towel. Ain’t nobody want a towel that takes up half the suitcase!
  • CASH. Not too much of course, but SOME $$$$. The US dollar is accepted EVERYWHERE and when you’re getting visas, or what not, it’s handy to have cash on you. Also separate cash throughout your bag. You don’t want to be carrying it all in one place. Also a little bit of currency for your destination, because you will probably get better rates from home rather than the airport!
  • Back up Credit card. Please don’t forget to;
    1) Activate your card 2) Let them know the countries your going to!
  • Electronic gadgets: portable speakers, headphones, Ipad and CAMERA.
  • Double adapters/universal! The amount of places I went to where there was only one socket!
  • DIARY! I love writing, and there’s nothing better than writing about your experiences so that you can remember what you did! Seriously, if you don’t write, now is the time to start! It’s very therapeutic for the soul and mind.
  • HOT TIP: I bought some blank diaries, and had people all over the world I had met, and formed special friendships with to write in it, and it’s become one of my most treasured memorabilia’s!
  • Comfortable shoes: flip flops, and a comfy pair of runners! You never know what activities are around the corner!
  • BUT ABOVE ALL an open mind, and a positive attitude!

Don’t be too stressed if you feel like you’re missing something. You can buy anything overseas and let’s face it! You will PROBABLY find better things overseas so everything is easily replaceable!



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  1. What’s the story with the balloon?!

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