Through the eyes of a local: 9 things to do in the Philippines.

There is no better way to see a country, than through the eyes of a local. Do you agree?
We can spend our time reading a book, or having a set itinerary for every day  or we can ask the locals on the best places to go, and go from there!

I’ve teamed up with some friends from the Philippines who have given me some hotspots and hot tips on where to go in the Philippines (Yes, most are islands)

9 Things to do in the Philippines

  1. Palawan- Coron
    1780 Islands of unspoiled beauty, abundant wildlife, and never-ending seascapes.f823a1bb6a59f59cbdc08d7b0ddc2d74

    Coron island village
    Coron island village
  2. Borocay
    Home of one of the best beaches in the world. Water so clear, and sand so white, you will just be blown away at its beauty! It also has amazing nightlife, and plenty of activities for you! Absolute paradise.

    Check out that water.
    Check out that water.
    Boracay - White Beach.
    Boracay – White Beach.
    Parasailing .
    Sailing in the Sunset

    HOT TIP: Make sure you do Ariel’s point! Although it’s a little pricey it’s one day of amazing cliff-jumping, snorkelling unlimited drinks and food! Best thing I did on that island.

    15 Metre cliff jumps - Ariel's point.
    15 Metre cliff jumps – Ariel’s point.
  3. Luzon
    North of Manilla, and one of Philippines largest Islands.

    Volcanic Lake in Luzon
    Volcanic Lake in Luzon

    From here you can visit a renowned UNESCO world heritage site known as Banaue rice fields or Batad. From there you can do a range of hikes with incredible views.

    Banaue rice terrace.
    Banaue rice terrace.

    For more information visit;–our-guide-to-the-island-of-luzon-8856825.html

  4. Caramoan islands
    White sand, tranquil lakes, caves and rich marine life. It’s a secret paradise, for those who love the undiscovered. Located in the lower eastern part of the archipelago in the Bicol region.Caramoan Aerial

    Gota Village - Caramoan
    Gota Village – Caramoan
  5. Sorsogon island, close to Luzon. Head to Donsol to swim with whale sharks, that are some of the biggest in the world!
    Donsol - swim with whale sharks!

    • After that head to the sunset and firefly show!
    • Swim with manta Rays!
  6. Siargao islands; The surfing capital of the Philippines!
    Visit Cloud nine it’s definitely for the pro-surfers looking for a challenge.

    Siargo island
    Siargo island
    Mangrove forest
    Mangrove forest

    For more info on Siargao visit

  7. Calaguas island

    Visit this page for more info on how to get there;


  8. DIVING SPOTS: (For all you divers out there)
    Apo reef (Located near Luzon island)Tubataha reef: World renowned diving spot
  9. Kawasan watefalls, Cebu

    Kawasan waterfalls
    Kawasan waterfalls
  • Being a developing nation. It is a cash economy. If you do travel to the places I would bring cash as credit isn’t widely available
  • Know the basics of the language. Sometime people would try and rip you off because they’re tourists
  • If people do ride jeeps. Keep belongings close, these forms of transport are prone to petty thievery
  • Beautiful lagoons, beaches, surf, corals, and even stingless jellies, but be cautious when snorkelling, or diving
  • Mode of transportation is less developed than other countries, so do your research on how to get to some of these islands.
  • Keep up to date with weather for the Philippines, it gets hit with a lot of typhoons ( be very cautious!)
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT: January – May brings in the best weather as Wet season begins around June – September. It’s very dependent on the winds, so just make sure you check the weather before going!
    For more information visit
It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines so soak up the culture, beaches, and local food! For more info head to 

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