A travel tour company focused on 18/35 year old focuses to travellers, and operating in 190 cities.

You ask me why I want to work for you? The question is who wouldn’t want to work for you.
I’m the right fit for this job
I share the Same vision as your company does. I value adventure, experience, time and life changing memories. I go for what I want with all the energy I have and most importantly I’m passionate about travel.
I’m well travelled and a dreamer, turning it into reality just like this opportunity I have here right now.
I seek to inspire and educate others based on my own life experience and travels

I love going that extra mile for people and I’m a superhuman
I bring in fresh perspective and ideas

what do I love doing?
– I love spending time with my friends
– I love high adrenaline activities
– I love cooking and food
– travelling
– Sunday Accenture days
– photography
– writing and reading

My work experience
Worked from a really young age, and having a job is very important to me but in the last few years I told myself there is nothing worse than wasted talent so I quit my job and booked a one way ticket.

BLCS: 4 years
catering assistant
service advisor and receptionist

POSSE:social media platform and web app
Focused on raising brand awareness as I was a brand ambassador…I’ve been blogging for years just not in this format I guess travelling has made me realise what I’m capable of and this is a great way of documenting my travels digitally

content and engagement executive


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